WHCS Returns Friday at 5PM!

Listeners! Great news!

This Friday, we will be testing our from-home broadcasting system with two live shows!

Counterpoints logo

From 5:05PM-5:50PM EDT, catch up with our Events and Promotions Director, Marc, for an episode of Counterpoints, the only classical music show on WHCS. Join Marc for a calm, sensory listening experience to end your week.

45 Minutes of Music logo

From 6:05PM-6:50PM EDT, join our General Manager, John, for an episode of 45 Minutes of Music, a show as simple as it sounds. After this Friday, 45 Minutes of Music will be returning to its normal slot, the same time on Mondays.

You can join the fun, by messaging our show hosts via Instagram @whcsradio.

Next week, we will be bringing back even more live shows, so keep an eye out for updates on that!

WHCS Online

No Live Broadcasts? No Problem!

With more and more colleges closing across the country, and health officials recommending self-isolation to keep everyone well, we’re all missing our live shows here at WHCS. Luckily, plenty of our shows keep an online archive, so you can catch up on all your favorite student- and alumni-run programs while you stay indoors. Here’s a selection of our favorites!

Don't We All Podcast promo

Tyler runs Don’t We All, a podcast that discusses current events and politics. Check out Don’t We All Podcast on Youtube.

Comic Book Convo with Michele

On Comic Book Convo, Michele talks to professional comics artists from across the country about creativity, inspiration, and making it in the world of comics and graphic novels. Listen to Comic Book Convo here.

Lola Sunrise portrait

Lola Sunrise is a show, but it’s also “just a girl and some of her favorite tunes and maybe some haikus.” Give Lola a listen on Soundcloud.

Rainbow Notes promo image

Last but definitely not least, it’s Rainbow Notes! Hosts Jules and Gabriel make their show “a platform for activists, creators, shakers and movers who have made a world just a little better for the LGBTQA+ community.” They’ve been broadcasting “by Queer folks for Queer folks” for six seasons running! Stream Rainbow Notes here.

Craving more auditory bliss? Listen to our off-air playlist right on the home page. That’s all for now!

– Marc, Director of Events and Promotions

COVID-19 Closure

The COVID-19 Crisis: What is to be Done?

On March 11, 2020, at 1:30 PM, the WHCS Radio E-Board voted unanimously to close our doors until March 23, 2020. At that time, we did not yet know that the City University of New York, which includes our Hunter College, would be suspending in-person classes and moving instruction online.

We were prepared to temporarily lock our doors so that our community may safely regroup at a later time. We also did not yet know the true severity of the COVID-19 outbreak in NYC. It was a good decision for us to close down, but our re-opening date of March 23 now seems too optimistic. Nonetheless, we remain hopeful for the future.

We still want to open. We miss our dear station already. But we know that social distancing is the main way we can ensure this pandemic subsides quickly and affects as few people as possible. We are keeping a re-opening on the table, but we will only entertain the option if the situation seems safe for our community and our city at large. Will it happen in April? May? June? Only time will tell. For now, we are prepared to be away from our dear station until it is safe for us to go back to her.

We are polling our community on what they are interested in. What we are currently hearing is that our community is as eager to get back to WHCS as we are but is just as cautious. In the mean time, as we wait for the public health situation to improve, we are going to be shifting gears and moving as many of our operations online. Obviously, the microphones, mixers, and other pieces of equipment remain locked in our studios, but our dynamic and brilliant show hosts are all at home, equally as brilliant and eager as they were before. We hope to connect our show hosts to our online platform soon. We will relay updates as the situation develops.

For now, our Production Room activities and our events have come to a standstill. We can’t conscionably open our studio doors, knowing the grave public health risk each trip outside constitutes. Neither can we amass a crowd in the tiny little hall we like to host our concerts in. These once regular happenings are now luxuries that live in our memories. They will resume soon, again, maybe April, maybe May, maybe June. Time will tell, but for now, we can only be hopefully, optimistic, and ever-so cautious.

-John, General Manager at WHCS Radio of Hunter College