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No Live Broadcasts? No Problem!

With more and more colleges closing across the country, and health officials recommending self-isolation to keep everyone well, we’re all missing our live shows here at WHCS. Luckily, plenty of our shows keep an online archive, so you can catch up on all your favorite student- and alumni-run programs while you stay indoors. Here’s a selection of our favorites!

Don't We All Podcast promo

Tyler runs Don’t We All, a podcast that discusses current events and politics. Check out Don’t We All Podcast on Youtube.

Comic Book Convo with Michele

On Comic Book Convo, Michele talks to professional comics artists from across the country about creativity, inspiration, and making it in the world of comics and graphic novels. Listen to Comic Book Convo here.

Lola Sunrise portrait

Lola Sunrise is a show, but it’s also “just a girl and some of her favorite tunes and maybe some haikus.” Give Lola a listen on Soundcloud.

Rainbow Notes promo image

Last but definitely not least, it’s Rainbow Notes! Hosts Jules and Gabriel make their show “a platform for activists, creators, shakers and movers who have made a world just a little better for the LGBTQA+ community.” They’ve been broadcasting “by Queer folks for Queer folks” for six seasons running! Stream Rainbow Notes here.

Craving more auditory bliss? Listen to our off-air playlist right on the home page. That’s all for now!

– Marc, Director of Events and Promotions